Designers, engineers and contractors are turning to euroflowforming to produce tubes, cylinders or any type of piece with precise dimensions diameter, thin-walled concentric..

Using the technique of making flowforming parts generate more profit in quality and economy due to the low loss of material in the process, this method due to cold deformation without the loss of material due to chip removal.

What is Flowforming?

The flow-forming is a method of cold forming without chip removal, components used to manufacture tubes of high dimensional accuracy without a welded cord. Flowforming is a technique used in the manufacture of tubes usually with thin walls.

Obtaining the final shape is achieved by applying pressure with rollers on one or several runs against the mandrel, being able to obtain a thickness reduction which can reach 90%, hence, the materials used in this process tend to be soft and ductile.


Metal Spinning

We have over 20 years of experience in Metal spinning of all kinds of metals. Through this traditional method of deformation, and with a diverse range of conventional lathes and CNC, we can make parts

up to 1200 mm in diameter and working in thicknesses up to 12 mm from aluminum, iron 7 mm and 4 mm in stainless steels. We have been through all these years of activity, have a very good customer base.

What is metal spinning?

The spinning metal process, part of a round material that is stretched into a mold by means of a roller using a lathe. This type of process is ideal when you have a piece of deep drawing and its volume does not justify the high cost of stamping.

You can also make special geometries through various forms or stages of the part. In this process geometries can be formed only round, conical, hemispherical, cylindrical, parabolic, venturi, flange, plates, etc..


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